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15/05/2021 02:52AM

Zombiecoin is an NFT resource gathering and crafting game on the WAX blockchain.

Players perform work tasks to gather various resources. The resources are used in crafting and upgrading to higher tier materials. For example, walls can be made from wood and combined with other parts to build a house. You can also trade the resources and assets on the secondary market.

Villagers gather wood from the dense forests of Zombieland.

Explorers can find Mines that grants the player a Mine Owner Fee paid out in WAX upon the depletion of the mine's resources. Explorers also gather other resources such as rocks and broken bottles.

The Zombie Miners are the only characters that can withstand the toxic environment in the mines. They mine for ZBC and special items like jewellery.

ZBC is the game currency used for crafting and purchasing items in the in-game shop. It is a token listed on the Alcor exchange.