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06/08/2021 09:02AM
Terraformers, Many Worlds

Generative On-Chain Worlds. On-Chain Passive Skill Trees. On-Chain Dungeon Crawling & Combat. Rich On-Chain Itemization. On-Chain > Everything.

Lands are the lifeblood of the TFMW Metaverse, mining precious $BLKHL tokens that enable a wide variety of activities, such as terraforming more Lands, hiring Mercenaries and deploying Mercenaries onto Explorations.

TFMW has been in development for quite some time, starting with Land sales all the way back in October, 2021. With less than a hundred days to go, the Explorations System is poised to launch on June 10th, 2023.

With the release of the Explorations System, players will be able to send out their Mercenaries to generative On-Chain Worlds, with each tile containing all sorts of properties, such as Loot (NFTs), Lifeforms (Fights) & Events (Interactables). Movement in a World is carried out in a turn-based fashion in an L shape (like a horse in chess), while Combat is carried out in an auto-battler fashion (a fight to the death).

Collect and earn with the most ruthless Mercenaries on the Wax Blockchain!

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