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05/09/2021 14:20PM
Starship NFT Game

STARSHIP is a strategy browser-based exploration and mining game using NFT technology on the Wax Blockchain. Players pilot a fleet of Star Ships around an expansive galaxy of more than 160,000 planets. From mining the in-game token, Kyanite, to claiming planets for passive income, each player will have to optimize their own play style and strategy.

Players begin the game with a choice of which partnered Space Station they would like to dock at. These Space Stations act as the center of a galaxy, each surrounded by 10,000 planets for players to explore. From giveaways to an in-game chat, Space Stations are the hub for communities all over the world.

After choosing a station, players will equip their ship with eleven NFT components, and optimize their entire fleet for a first flight. From the duration of the flight, to which components need to be upgraded, good strategy is crucial for successful flights.

Nobody forgets their first flight, after equipping their ship, players are ready to explore and conquer the ever expanding galaxy of STARSHIP.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deploystarship Instagram: https://instagram.com/deploystarship Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DeployStarShipNFT