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01/07/2021 20:35PM
Space Heroes

Welcome new Heroes to Space Heroes Game!!                                                                                  SH is a metaverse where you not only play games and have a lot of fun, but you can also own properties in this metaverse and run different activities, which will provide valuable goods called NFTs. These NFTs have many varieties and different uses, but they always leave passive and active earnings for the players, making Space Heroes a Play-To-Earn game managed by the community and the creators as a team. Throughout the development of this project we expanded to other blockchains and partnered with other projects allowing them to have their own space and environment within our metaverse.

SH has as a powerful weapon the wonderful community that has supported all the changes and evolutions of the project. From our website we want to say THANKS! to our community.

If you are looking for a long-term project and a strong community: Welcome to SH!

                                                                          Lets go Heroes !                                                                                       Our Social Media :                                                                                     https://t.me/spaceheroes https://spaceheroes.medium.com https://twitter.com/nftspaceheroes https://discord.gg/spaceheroes