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09/06/2021 05:48AM
World of Smelly Koala

World of Smelly Koala 🐨 represents a vision of shared humanity based on the principles of kindness, love and joy.

Extreme prudence governs all decisions to maximize the ideals of quality and sustainability. Established. 2021

We have a telegram game, a social reward initiative for kinder and more meaningful chats supported on over 40 wax telegram communities (KCHAT Communities), a KOALA Farm for long-term rewards and a KOALA Rewards program that bring benefits to 14 collections with over 60k NFTs staked (non-custodian).

Experience 🐨 KCHAT Communities: https://t.me/kchathq 🌻 KOALA Farm: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-farm/ 🚀 KOALA Reward: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-rewards/ 🎮 KOALA Telegram Game: https://t.me/cskdrops

Let's Be Friends Discord: https://discord.gg/WhXJtWrU7V Telegram: https://t.me/cskdrops Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaSmelly Website: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/