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16/01/2022 12:22PM
skunky chunks

The SkunkyChunks are a Collection of the dankest unique cannabis NFTs and are an umbrella of digital asset collections brought to life on blockchain technology by Mr Twofu under supervision of the SkunkyChunks community, These unique digital collectables live on the Wax and Ethereum blockchains. Future utilities, perks and more can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. Visit https://www.skunkychunks.com for more info on our soon to be released roadmap, Join our Discord and Telegram servers to become a member of the crew as we evolve together and breach the Metaverse.

[Website] - https://www.skunkychunks.com

[Discord] - https://discord.gg/rXfuk47N4M

[Instagram] - https://Instagram.com/skunkychunks

[Twitter] - https://twitter.com/skunkychunks

[Useful links] - https://igli.me/skunkychunks