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07/05/2021 12:33PM

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Peace and prosperity prevailed on the PumpDump world. The republic of the hamster nation was blooming. The population was growing, their tokens were mooning, and they grew long and healthy fur. Tokens, both fungible and non-fungible, were abundant and available for everyone.

Yet not everyone was happy with such a world... The welfare of the furry nation left no peace to the followers of an evil scammer called Greedy Madness. They began to entice the gullible hamsters and clouded their minds with bad ideas like trading with 100X leverage. Hamsters began to desire even more tokens and of course, even longer fur. They headed right into the claws of the Greedy Madness followers, who got them to buy the top, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. The naive furry creatures were left holding the bags and found themselves with worthless tokens and fake NFT’s. And worst of all, their precious fur was cut bald.

The balance of good and evil was lost. Hard times came to the furry nation. Then the hamsters decided to fight for their life, liberty and property, and the merciless PumpDump Wars began. A state of disarray fell over the Pumpdump world. The greedy scammers had compassion for no one, but despite their advantage, the forces of resistance had no intentions to surrender.

They gathered together at a secret meeting. The wise old hamster told them that there’s a group of heroes called the Crypto Gurus who know how to defeat the scammers and followers of Greedy Madness. They also know the secret to growing the longest fur and how to live an amazing, magical life. Plebs all over the universe envy and admire their diamond hands. The Hamsters decided that CryptoGurus were the only ones who could save them and help them live happily again.

To combat the evil scammers who become stronger each day, the hamsters must gather the forces of the Crypto Gurus and defeat the followers of the Greedy Madness once and for all. Small by number but well organized, the furry hamsters hope to gather together the first of four Crypto Gurus collections: Finally, the hope of peace and victory has arisen ahead of the hamster nation again.