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26/04/2022 18:41PM
OrderWorks CS

OrderWorks Creative Studio is a solo run South Africa based Studio from the Deep South of Cape Town. (Noordhoek)

Run and Operated by Artist & Artificer Red (RedRo aka Rohan) with 20+ years XP in a myriad of mediums and a plethora of creative paths.

OrderWorks Studio offers a wide array of variety in the WAX space. From Projects created and run to a serious list of services offered, all on-chain & off.

Projects Order of Other - An Omniversal Adventure (Card Based Gaming) InkSpawn - BLOT discovers YOUmanity (2D Gaming) Ancient.Alley - Ancient Symbols & Apparel (Apparel) *MandalaMadness *- 11 Year Art Project (Art)


Art, Design & Layout Photography Basic Game Development Brand Strategy, Design & Management Voice Artist (Character acting) Blockchain Onboarding Project & Server set-up

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