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08/10/2020 12:40PM
Mutant Rockers

The year is 1992, downtown Seattle, Washington. A packed-out club full of excited, young music fans are gearing up for the gig of the year, but little did they know, things were about to take an extremely bizarre turn that would change their lives forever.

While the band started to play, scientists working for Tox Inc, the infamous genetic laboratory-based next door to the club were making final changes to a new ground-breaking serum that increased strength and stamina to whoever would come in contact with it.

Suddenly a catastrophic explosion occurred in the basement of the building. Completely destroying the entire lab and taking half of the music club with it, the entire audience and band members were consumed by the freak explosion. During the carnage, several hundred barrels of the serum had leaked over the unconscious crowd and within seconds the genetic altering liquid began to take work.

Bodies started writhing and contorting. With bubbling skin, wailing screams and superhuman deformities, the young audience came back to life…

…but they were very, very different!

They were incredible! They were …. THE MUTANT ROCKERS!