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12/05/2021 00:28AM

Immersys was the first ever 3D metaverse/game where every items was an NFT on the WAX Blockchain. We had over 4,000 registered accounts. On June 2nd, 2023 the servers were finally closed after first opening its doors on May 22, 2021. On May 6th, 2022 the two of the co-founding members sold their stake in the project after financial issues to peruse other ventures. The agree required all co-founding members to have an open license to the software. Post-sale, Immersys shortly after became free to play and more game focused, where we attempted to revive the project until the final nail in the coffin which was our multiplayer host who closed our servers for being outside of license, labeling us an industries account instead of a game and assigning a payback payment requirement outside of our ability to pay. One of the original co-founders and lead developers, along with some of the team members of Immersys, founded a second project called Pixygon on the WAX blockchain. While the co-founder who maintained the project post sale, has left the web3 space to work a new job and continue pursuing non-blockchain related game making. The third co-founder has also left web3 for other business endeavors.

Smart contracts of the project still exist to be interacted with: dex.immersys, ns.immersys, lpr.immersys fdp.immersys, shp.immersys, and bp.immersys

Thank you for all the support and memories over the years. I wish all builders the best of luck, it's not easy. To those who supported me and believed in me to save the project, I'm sorry. I really did try my best.