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**Rug Poo**l is just one game inside the game portal [**ClashDome**](https://clashdome.io). The portal is in constant expansion and already hosts a bunch of other **casual PvP games**: Puzzles, Match3, Tower Defense. Compete against other players and **earn the token *LUDIO* each time you win**. Besides the Free Tier we also host more competitive matches where the most confident players pay a WAX entry fee and get it doubled (-5% fee) if they win. `` Cool thing is ClashDome keeps it quite casual and it's an **easy to learn project**. The game is only as demanding as you want, meaning you have enough features to deep dive into or keep it as casual as your busy agenda allows. `` ![N|Solid](https://www.ravalmatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/banner-atomic-drop-pool-halls-2.jpg) Active players that take part in ClashDome's activity have a **Citizen**. A Citizen is nothing more than your in-game character. Citizens live in a future society were they basically stay at home, earning their sallary by playing Arcade games 24/7. We have weekly competitions and events, so there's plenty to do in our community of players! *Even if you don't own a ClashDome Citizen, when you try to play on your Hall you will receive a Trial Dummy. Trial Dummies are a more basic version of Citizens but still will allow you trying all our games. ### LINKS TO DYOR AND LEARN MORE ABOUT CLASHDOME - [Citizens’ Info](https://clashdome.medium.com/clashdome-citizens-4c0f65acfeab) - [Mining Metagame](https://clashdome.medium.com/clashdome-citizens-p2e-82a8af5b181f) - [ClashDome’s Linkedin](https://www.linkedin.com/company/clashdome/) ``

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