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21/12/2022 02:56AM

Welcome to byjurassicfx!

Join me on my journey to master the art of drawing. The project focus is in the Jellypool utillity case, creating something fun and adorable while maintaining longterm utillity.

We are stakeable in dungeon masters. Other goals are building an sustainable project model for long term success, building an great community and to edjucate eachother.

Tacoswap: Here you can swap beans but also add liquidity in our wax-beans pool, by adding in the pool you can earn APY% and i will also add nft rewards and wax rewards.

Jellypool: This is our big utillitycase, basic description = you buy jellypool nft´s which gives you 1 vote and an share of jellybean.fx wallet value. jellybean.fx works as an collective whale which decissions is decided thro votes in our discord. Full description is found in our discord.

waxdao: I run an farm thats distributing my own token, BEANS. Beans are currently used for buying Nft´s, blend ingridients and staking in tacoswap. Further uses are under discovery phase.