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16/12/2021 22:23PM

From the top rope, it’s The Screaming Frog! He lands a devastating leg drop on Ivan “Beef” Stroganov. Looks like Stroganov won’t make it to dinner tonight!

Meet the Blockchain Brawlers™, the most hilarious and entertaining series of NFTs in metaverse history. We’re talking about a ragtag brigade of high-flying heels that includes The Iron Pole, Crocodile Dundalk and Juggernaut (to name a few) that’ll help you wrestle your way to NFT supremacy.

Created by WAX Studios, “Founders Edition” Legendary 1-of-1 Blockchain Brawlers’ over-the-top costumes and personalities aren’t the only things that make this limited-edition collection special. Each brawler plays an integral role in the Blockchain Brawlers play-to-earn game where they’re grappling and elbowing their (and your) way to fame and fortune.

The blockchain will never be the same, the rowdiest game in the metaverse is here to knock some heads together!


https://discord.gg/W9XzVNDrMS https://twitter.com/bc_brawlers https://www.bcbrawlers.com/