Top Auto-Buys 09/12

Written on: Sep 16, 2022

It’s time for the Top auto-buys of the week!

The Low Mints

Take a look at any of these and they look like a small deals. Sure some are 90% off of 2 WAX, but every single one of them is a mint 2-8, purchased for pennies!

The Big Savings

Want to save $30 per purchase while you sleep? How about 40%?

One intrepid auto-buy Chimpion with an eye on Worldcrash managed to do just that 4 times in a row with a single rule, picking up $320 of Starter Packs for only $200, (and 1 CHMP of course):

And here we have a dc.funko Premium Pack picked up for $21 when they were dropping for $30! Another 30% off steal!

The Odds & Ends

Auto-buy nabbed this low mint Epic dc.funko Redhood – #11 for regular market value! We feel like the low mint Epics just don’t get enough love.

And peak coolness is flipping a pair of RACE NERD sunglasses for a quick $8.

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