Teen Titans Go!: Top Auto-Buys

Written on: Feb 1, 2023

Auto-Buy is a popular feature during Funko drop days, and the Teen Titans Go! drop was no exception. The market was flooded with collectors buying, selling, and trading their newly opened NFTs. Using Auto-Buy is a great way to ensure you get the best price on any NFT you may be looking for.

When examining the data, we’ve observed that different collectors tend to fall into different categories. Some are looking for redeemables, while others are searching for low mint NFTs, or simply looking for the best deals. We’ll break down the best Auto-Buys by category, and throw in a bonus section because this drop day had something unique.

Low Mints

This drop offered a large number of low mint NFTs, making it difficult to highlight the absolute best. However, we have selected a few that stand out:

#2 Rose Wilson (Epic) – $9.29

#3 Cyborg (Common) – $2.06

#3 Bumblebee (Uncommon) – $0.04

#4 Trigon (Epic) – $11.05

#4 Raven as Wonder Woman (Uncommon) – $1.00

#5 Raven as Wonder Woman (Rare) – $1.37

#6 Starfire (Uncommon) -$3.43

#6 Starfire (Common) – $2.74

#7 Cyborg (Epic) – $8.91

#7 Robin as Batman (Common) – $2.74

We didn’t count, but there are likely at least 100 other amazing low mint buys that we just couldn’t include in this post.


Setting up Auto-Buy rules for redeemables has several benefits. You can set the price you’re willing to pay, and if the price drops below that level, you’ll often pick it up, sometimes even at well below market value.

Bumblebee (Legendary) – $7.92

Red Robin (Legendary) – $9.30

Aqualad (Legendary) – $37.84

Titan Robot (Grail) – $210.00

Great Deals

Auto-Buy rules can also allow collectors to capitalize on mistakes that happen in the market. Many collectors set rules to buy Standard Packs in the $11.00-$13.00 range, providing an easy way to buy large numbers of packs without searching for low prices. However, sometimes you end up with packs like these:

Standard Pack – $0.93

Standard Pack -$0.95

Game of Thrones

An interesting occurrence happened with the Teen Titans Go! drop. It coincided almost perfectly with the redemption date for Game of Thrones. Drop days bring many buyers and sellers to the market, and with the Game of Thrones redemption starting the next day, some sellers may have viewed this as their last chance to sell their low rarity items, leading to some of the best low mint item buys ever

#1 Yara Greyjoy (Common) – $0.02

#2 Cersei Lannister (Common) – $0.03

#6 Freddy Funko (Common) – $0.02

#8 Beric Dondarrion (Uncommon) – $0.04

Chain Chimps

Chain Chimps are a valuable tool for collectors. As a Chain Chimp owner, you’ll receive 2 CHMP tokens each week, which you can use to create an Auto-Buy rule.

There are only 1,000 Chain Chimps available, so grab one while you still can. The savings you can achieve with the right Auto-Buy rules can easily offset the cost of becoming a Chain Chimp owner, and the tokens are NFTs too, so you can sell them if you no longer want to use the Auto-Buy feature.

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