Can’t Find any Good Deals on Wax? Here’s why!

Written on: Feb 16, 2022


  • Listings on Chain Champs live feed appear within the same second they go up, with no need to refresh.
  • Other marketplaces can take 15 seconds or more, and require manual refreshing.
  • Chain Champs users have almost exclusive access to new sales for the first 10 seconds so they buy up all the good deals before they appear on other marketplaces.
  • Even bots can be beat with the live feed!


At Chain Champs, we want to equip collectors and players with the tools they need to beat the bots and get good deals on the NFTs they want. That’s why we built the only live marketplace on the Wax Blockchain! It might surprise you to learn that that most good deals sell before they appear on static marketplaces. Bots are always buying and flipping, taking the deals away from collectors and players.

Did you know it takes an average of 15 seconds for a new sale to show on a static marketplace? Before Chain Champs, the bots were the only ones who could buy in those 15 seconds, and would get every good sale. Now, you can actually compete against these bots for the best sales, but don’t take my word for it, the data speaks for itself!

Funko Nickelodeon (ntoons.funko)

During the Funko Nickelodeon drop (and every drop) the secondary market was flooded with new listings from flippers. Using public blockchain data, the graph below shows how long NFTs were available on the market before they were bought:

From this chart, you can clearly see that Chain Champs users have no competition from other marketplaces for at least the first 10 seconds of a listing! If you bought premium packs on drop day from another marketplace, you paid 20% more on average than everyone using Chain Champs.

Farmers World

Farmers World has been a top collection for over 4 months and anyone involved knows there’s a ton of botting going on. But how much really? Let’s look at the first 60 seconds of Farmers World sales:

You can see that bots are grabbing up items within the first couple seconds. Despite this, Chain Champs users are competing with the bots for all the middle ground deals. Most users will have to wait about 15 seconds before they see any of those new listings on other Marketplaces.

It’s worth understanding why there will always be deals for humans. Bots can be easily programmed to buy every 20% off deal. But once you start shrinking your margins below 20%, factor in the collection and market fees, and then you have to wait for resale – all it takes is a 5% dip in the market and your bot is out of control losing you money.

So humans using Chain Champs for live sales will always rule the sub 20% deal market, and 20% off is huge savings!

In addition to being fast, we use AI and Deep Learning to estimate the value of an NFT so that you can be confident in your quick purchases! See our previous blog post for insight into how we do just that.

Don’t listen to me – ask our users: they love us!

Chain Champs users have a clear advantage over users of other marketplaces. In addition to this, we have an active discord where our users post their Amazing Buys and have fun competing against each other for the best deals available. Nothing beats the thrill of finding a Number 1 mint listed for 1 WAX or completing your set while saving 30% or more. And when you are beat by a bot, we show you with a little icon in the top left of the card.

See? Chain Champs is the best!

The data is unequivocal! Chain Champs users have a clear advantage when it comes to getting deals. They essentially have no competition from other marketplaces for the first 10 seconds of a listing. Most sales bought on Chain Champs are bought by the time you see them on other marketplaces! Chain Champs saves you money and it’s fun!

If you want to know how the magic works, you can always stop by our Community Discord or our channel on the official WAX Discord.

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